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The Women's Recreation Association was very important in thehistory of women's athletics at Miami University. Established first in1908by Zay Engle Hoopes as the Girls' Athletic Association, it consisted onlyof a women's basketball team. The GAA later gave way to the Women'sAthletic Association in 1921 and then to the Women's Recreation Associationin 1956, under the leadership of Margaret Phillips. It was the meansthrough which women had access to athletic participation, both inintramural and intercollegiate competition. Membership in the organizationwas determined not only on sports participation but also on serviceprovided to the institution. A dance club was added to the WRA in 1933.

During its 66 year history, the organization owned and maintainedfour tennis courts, purchased a playing field which the university helpedto maintain, built the WRA Cabin which is still in use by Miami University,sponsored play days with other schools, built a field house on the southside of campus, purchased a station wagon for use when traveling to awayevents, scheduled social events for women on campus, presented letterawards to participants who earned a designated number of points, andbeginning in 1950 offered a full tuition scholarship each semester to anupperclass woman on the basis of scholarship, financial need, personality,and service to the campus.


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